The Right Way to Find Reliable Piling Contractors in Essex

If you are planning an entirely new build or you need to make adjustments to an existing property, having access to the right piling contractors in Essex could be the difference between success and failure. For structures built on poor ground conditions, piling is particularly vital, because it creates a strong, sturdy base where they might not be one otherwise. For those constructing new properties, it is a way to make troublesome land valuable again.

However, it is important to understand that piling is a specialist practice. While it is quite common, it is only needed in certain circumstances, so contractors must be highly skilled and have access to state of the art equipment and tools. If you are looking to hire a piling contractor, you are advised to research the options thoroughly. Speak directly to companies, gather a number of cost estimates, and get a real feel for the contractors in your area.

These handy hints and tips will show you how to find piling contractors in Essex that you can trust to do an outstanding job.

Know the Purpose of Piling

To reiterate, not all builds or projects will need piling services. Generally, you can go ahead with regular construction processes unless your foreman or project supervisor has discussed it with you. For this reason, it can be quite expensive, but there are plenty of contractors out there that will work closely with you to try and meet a tight budget. Plus, if you gather a number of quotes, from different contractors, before you start, you can get a sense of market rates.

Search for Specialists

It is relatively rare for homeowners to be ripped off by rogue construction companies these days, because social media can be used to expose them right away. Once a dodgy contractor gets a couple of disastrous reviews, they’ll follow them around online. However, you should still be cautious and careful when hiring a piling contractor. Where possible, speak directly (usually on the telephone) with a project supervisor or somebody who understands the needs of your build. If you can, arrange an onsite consultation before you make a final hiring decision.

Insist on a Quick Start

Ideally, you want a contractor that is able to start your project right away or as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many of these companies do have waiting lists, so it is important to ask direct questions about timeframes and ETAs. You should be able to find a team that can begin within 2-3 weeks, if not immediately. Do be careful when considering contractors that are eager to start right away; while most will be reliable, it is the higher quality companies that tend to have the waiting lists. Keep this in mind when picking yours.

Putting a Plan into Action

Once you’ve found a reliable, reputable piling contractor, you can start reviewing architectural drawings and discussing the specific needs of the project in detail. You can expect to be given a timeframe for the build, but don’t treat this as a fixed, unmovable fact. It is an estimate and may be subject to change, due to a whole number of different circumstances. Your contractor should come and talk to you, throughout the course of the project, if they think that anything might push the deadline back.

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