Why You Should Leave Basement Underpinning to the Professionals

Ever since prehistoric man picked up his first set of rudimentary tools, DIY has been an effective way to get things done. However, as our needs and ambitions have grown more complex, so too has the need for specialist help. Sometimes, there are just things that you can’t do all by yourself, no matter how expertly you wield a hammer and chisel.

Basement underpinning in Essex is one of these things. It is a delicate and precise process and getting it wrong can end up being extremely costly, so it is always best to seek professional advice. If you are not familiar with underpinning, it describes a construction service whereby a basement or other subterranean space is artificially lowered.

To find out why top quality underpinning in Essex could be a great idea for your home or business, read this handy guide.

Understanding the Basics

It might seem a little strange to think of construction companies actively lowering basements further into the earth. After all, isn’t it their depth and position in the earth that causes problems with damp and subsidence in the first place? Well, this is half correct.

Basement underpinning pushes the foundations of a building deeper into the ground, in order to find an area of solid, stable bedrock. Once a structure is resting on this bedrock, it is guaranteed to stay firm, aligned, and in one place. So, underpinning is an effective solution for subsidence and shaky foundations, because it makes them more reliable.

Leaving the Job to the Experts

As you might have already guessed, underpinning is quite a labour intensive job. It is certainly not impossible to carry it out unaided, particularly if you have construction experience, but it is rather tricky. And, going it alone carries a lot of risk. If you are considering underpinning in Essex, it is likely because a problem has developed with the foundation of your home.

Cracks, fissures, and movement within foundations are never a positive thing. They mean that the building is not sitting steady or stable in the ground. You could end up developing problems with damp, standing water, and damage to the integral framework of the building. So, don’t delay; if you are in Essex seek our reliable underpinning and fix the problem quickly.

Saving Cash on Rental Costs

If the prospect of getting this fundamental task wrong doesn’t make you want to call in professional help, the cost of renting all of the construction equipment will. You’ll need a conveyor belt system, a power generator, and a jack hammer, to start. And, the rental rates will be much higher for you than they will for an expert contractor.

We are a construction company that has the experience of underpinning basements, you’ll not only get access to all of the tools that you need, you’ll also be fully covered in case something goes wrong. Your chosen team should be fully insured and have all of the necessary qualifications and accreditations to do the job. If the worst happens and something goes wrong, you at least know that compensation or a complete repair is on the cards.

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