How to Ensure High Quality Piling for a Reliable Foundation

When it comes to the construction of any habitable building, the importance of a strong, unshakeable foundation cannot be underestimated. It is a vital part of making sure that structures are safe to use and retain. Without an extremely sturdy foundation and a suitable structural base, there’s simply no way to guarantee safety.

This is why high quality piling is so important, no matter where you build your house or what size it is expected to be. Even if you’re working with a limited amount of space and the scope for a foundation is restricted, you cannot compromise on quality. The good news is that mini piling can provide a suitable solution for foundations in tricky or awkward spaces.

What is Piling and Why is it Important?

Piling is a technique used by construction experts to establish a deep foundation for all kinds of structure. By driving and embedding piles of concrete, steel, or wood deep into the earth, piling teams are able to create an unshakable support for buildings at the foundation level. This is something that is needed for the safety of all major construction projects. Mini piling follows the same course, but the process is adapted to accommodate restricted spaces.

Where is the Best Place to Start?

Before piling begins, you need to think carefully about the size, scope, and objectives of the project at hand. The condition of the earth should also play a part in the decisions that you make regarding piling options. If you are pushed for space, when it comes to rigging, find a mini piling company that can help you adapt the process to the project. The most commonly used piling materials are wood, concrete, and steel; talk with the experts about which is best for your building.

Is Mini Piling the Right Choice?

Mini piling (also called micro piling) refers to a particular kind of piling that involves a number of distinct driven pile and screw pile varieties. It is still a relatively new process, but it can be helpful for projects with space issues. It offers access to high quality, reliable piling in locations that would otherwise make it very difficult or prevent it altogether. For this reason, it can end up saving homeowners and property developers a lot of time and money. If a new building is planned for a delicate location (sensitive to ground vibrations), mini piling might be the only viable option.

What Makes a Great Mini Piling Company?

The best place to look for a reliable mini piling company is in your local area. Dixon Piling have a great reputation and lots of experience, providing mini piling services around Essex and surrounding areas. As mini piling is still quite an experimental process, you really do need a company that you can trust to maintain standards and create a high quality product. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you sign a contract; voice concerns, issue queries, and make sure that you are onboard with what will be happening on site.

To find out more about how mini piling can be used to support your construction project, don’t hesitate to contact us at, or call 01621 815169 to speak to a friendly advisor and arrange a consultation.